"Anyone who knows Europe knows you just don’t wear stilettos," she said. 

By Christine Burroni
July 22, 2020
Catherine Zeta Jones wearing Butterfly Twists flats.
| Credit: Courtesy of Casa Zeta Jones

The latest addition to Catherine Zeta-Jones' lifestyle brand came about after a situation that sounds all too familiar to a seasoned traveler.

Chatting with Travel + Leisure about the exciting addition of footwear to her Casa Zeta-Jones portfolio, the award-winning actress recalled that she first discovered the brand she'd be partnering with — British company Butterfly Twists — while she was in an airport with a blister on her heel.

"I was like, 'I need a pair of shoes!'" she said.

British-born Zeta-Jones, who grew up in Wales and launched her acting career in London's West End, said once she got started working with the brand, it was a "lovefest" of a collaboration. 

The actress has made sure that Casa Zeta-Jones products — which range from apparel to home decor — consists of items she would use every day, and the new line of vegan flats, starting at $71, is no different. 

"I love all kinds of shoes and I’ve got more shoes than even my husband knows I have, but they're not necessarily what I live my life in," she told T+L. "Anybody who travels as much as I do just knows that you may look really chic inside with your high heel shoes on, but don't think you’re going to be walking through piazzas in your stilettos."

"Anyone who knows Europe knows you just don’t wear stilettos, you wear your flats in the cobbled streets unless you want to break your neck" — or "be holding onto your partner for dear life," she joked. 

Her favorite pair in the collection is the black and white Olivia flat.

"I’m a bit of a more chromatic fan," she admitted. "I have rooms in my house that are solely black and white, it's my go-to wedding outfit, it's my go-to business outfit." 

Of all the flats, which come in an array of fabrics, patterns, and textures, Zeta-Jones said, these are "classic."

"They go with a skirt, they go with pants, they go with a pair of shorts," she said, noting that she's had samples way before their launch date — which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I wear them before I play golf, I wear them after golf, I run around in them with my dog, I jump in the car, I wear them as house slippers." 

Zeta-Jones, who has an envy-worthy passport filled with stamps from her trips to India, Croatia, Morocco, and Australia, said the shoes are perfect for every aspect of globe-trotting, from packing to sightseeing.

"They really do fold up in a little pouch, you can fit them in the side corner of your [suit]case, they’re just great for that," she said. "I used to travel literally with a suitcase full of shoes but as time goes on, especially after I had my kids, the shoes have got to go and the toys have to take their place." 

Speaking of her kids, the mother of two has been in quarantine in New York along with husband Michael Douglas, who she calls "the best travel agent in the world," and although the family has been enjoying their time together, Zeta-Jones said she's excited to eventually head to their house in Spain and isolate there long enough to head to her mom in Britain.

And from there, who knows?

French Polynesia by way of New Zealand is on her bucket list, she gushed.

"Michael and I are big, big travelers, we still dream about traveling," she said. "I’m a gypsy, I feel like I’m never quite within myself if I don't have an idea of going somewhere."