Makeup Mogul Bobbi Brown Is Auctioning Off a Wellness Weekend at Her Boutique Hotel

You probably didn't know Bobbi Brown owns a boutique hotel.

Bobbie Brown at The George
Photo: Courtesy of The George

If you've heard of makeup, you've heard of Bobbi Brown. The legendary makeup artist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur changed the beauty industry when she created Bobbi Brown Cosmetics — a company aimed at bucking the trend of "stark contours and shiny red lips" for a softer, more natural look — back in 1991. Now a household name, Bobbi Brown has created an empire that includes cosmetic and beauty products, a wellness-focused lifestyle site, and even a hotel, The George, in Montclair, New Jersey.

Now, in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, Brown is doing her part to give back to the world by partnering with the All In Challenge to help feed hungry Americans during the crisis. Brown is auctioning off The Ultimate Beauty and Wellness Weekend, where two lucky people will join the makeup guru at The George for a weekend of pampering curated by Brown herself.

"I thought about everything," Brown told Travel + Leisure. "From a weekend at the hotel to cocktails in the library… and dinner at our favorite restaurant." But that's not all. "[The winner will] go to the studio with my dream team that I use for all my shoots: manicure, pedicure, hair, nail styling, and a photographer," Brown added. And who doesn't want to have their very own magazine-worthy photo shoot?

If that's not enough for you, there's also a Chanel goody bag, a custom engraved bottle of Casa Dragones, and plenty more luxurious treats from Brown's friends and business partners.

But she only left out the main attraction: "I forgot that I'll do the makeup and the lesson."

Bobbie Brown at The George Hotel
Courtesy of The George

Given that Brown's legacy is built around makeup (she left her eponymous company in 2016), less people know about her status as a hotelier. "When I called my husband and told him I was leaving Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, he was like, 'Oh good, I have a project I want you to work with me on.'" That project was converting an old inn in their town of Montclair, New Jersey. "We put our heads together, our powers together, our teams together and created a 32-room hotel," Brown recalled. "It's really, really the way that I like to travel. I like things comfortable and nice, but not overdone and fancy — not pretentious."

Besides trying to help raise money during the pandemic, Brown, a certified health coach (seriously, what doesn't she do?) is offering expert advice on how to take care of yourself mentally and physically. "For me, what has made the biggest difference is sticking to a routine and getting things done early," she said. This includes staying hydrated, exercising, and making the bed — "something you know I don't really like doing."

Quarantined with family in the Hamptons, Brown is using this time to take stock of what she has to be grateful for. "The good thing is that you get to be with people you love more, and you realize what's important."

But, of course, like all of us, once we're able to travel again, the "Beauty From the Inside Out" author has a plan: "Honestly, I think I'll go to the UK and Paris. Those are my favorite places on Earth."

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