Beyoncé Dance
Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Now put your hands up!

If you’re not into exercise that actually feels like exercise, taking a dance class might be a great alternative to staying in shape without feeling the grind.

Now, the Beyhive in Australia has an even better alternative. Bey Dance, an adult dance class founded by Liz Cahalan in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, teaches people dance moves from different Beyoncé music videos.

Even if you’ve never danced in your life, Bey Dance is a judgment-free zone. “We want you leave your Bey Dance class feeling empowered, confident and fabulous,” it says on the school’s website.

“I started Bey Dance because I believe dancing should be about more than aiming to be a professional dancer, and about more than only fitness. It’s about physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Everyone should feel comfortable in a dance class, and everyone feels better when they move to music,” Cahalan told Lonely Planet.

People who are interested in a class can either choose an ongoing course that is between five and eight weeks, or choose a casual, drop-in class. Long courses cost between $100 and $160 AUS ($77 and $124 USD), while drop-ins are typically around $15 AUS ($12 USD).

The school also offers Bey Yoga classes for $20 AUS ($15 USD), so you can get your zen on with Queen Bey.

For more information about Bey Dance, potential dancers can check out the school’s website.