By Erika Owen
February 15, 2017
Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

No matter how much someone travels and how many different places they experience, we all have a favorite vacation. Celebrities are no exception. On a recent phone call with professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, he shared one of his favorite vacation spots.

The destination: Taha'a, a Tahitian island located in the Leeward Islands group. "It was a very long trip—it was hard to get to," he says. "But once you're there, it's incredible."

Credit: Courtesy of Tony Hawk
Credit: Courtesy of Tony Hawk

Hawk's entire family made the journey, but the source of intrigue for them wasn't exactly the relaxing white-sand beaches. A hidden surf break made this trip memorable for the crew. "There was an amazing surf break right between that island and the next island, and it's relatively unknown," Hawk says. "It's rare these days to have a secretive surf break. We were surfing there almost every single day."

Credit: Courtesy of Tony Hawk

He admits traveling for the perfect surf isn't usually the general population's intent for vacation—but dedicated surfers are another story. "We wanted to try and make it happen by finding somewhere uncrowded and that's what we found," Hawk says. "Although, some of the Tahitian locals gave us a somewhat friendly warning to not take any photos."