'Emily in Paris' Star Ashley Park Shares the Moment She Felt Like a Local in the City of Light

"It was really wild to feel like, 'Oh my gosh, I know where everything is!'"

Ashley Park
Ashley Park . Photo: Foc Kan/WireImage

Life may be imitating art for Emily in Paris star Ashley Park, who has learned her way around the City of Light — and picked up a few fashion tips along the way — while filming the hit Netflix show.

The actress, 30, who returned to Paris for Fashion Week earlier this year after filming the show's second season, was elated to find herself walking around with a friend without the help of Google Maps or a guide.

"It was really wild to feel like, 'Oh my gosh, I know where everything is!'" she told Travel + Leisure. "I was telling [my friend] where all these different things were and what we were passing by and I kind of knew the geography — in the same way that I know New York really well – it was such a pleasure and I felt really great about that and it was nice to feel like a local."

Ashley Park
Ashley Park. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Fittingly, her beloved character, Mindy Chen, bestie to main character Emily Cooper in the Netflix show, is the one who shows the Chicago native around and helps her acclimate to Parisian life — which Park got to do for herself off-screen.

"Coming from the Broadway world, where I'm used to doing eight shows a week with one day off, I never had that time to explore," she explained, referencing her time in the musical adaptation of "Mean Girls." "A lot of the French crew told me they feel like I know Paris better than them because I would try all these different places and go to all the different museums."

Two places she didn't visit? The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, she told us, likening her experience with "super touristy places" to her time in New York, although while walking around, she noted, the two iconic attractions are almost always in view.

Describing herself as a "go-go-go"-type person, Park can be found in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and, of course, Paris. Navigating not only a hectic work schedule, but the constant change in time zone, the actress has partnered with supplement brand Natrol and regularly takes their gummy vitamins for immune support and sleep support.

"I'm really bad at adjusting to time schedules, especially when I'm excited about something the next day," she said, mentioning that night-before adrenaline tends to set in ahead of performances or a day on set. "I have a hard time really calming down and going to sleep and my brain just keeps going, it's been really essential for me to be able to take these gummies and sleep on long flights."

Specifically, the Natrol Sleep+ Immune Health gummies are in Park's regimen.

To fall asleep on a plane, Park sets herself up with some music or a movie along with Natrol's melatonin supplement. Crediting not waking up groggy to the brand, she also noted that after some shut-eye, a stellar skincare routine — including a sheet mask, serums, and more — is up next.

"I love doing gua sha and jade rollers [too], I always travel with [those] in my bag," she added. "It wakes up my face and makes me feel fresh and ready to go."

And when it comes to style, Park marries comfort and fashion with one go-to piece: an oversized blazer.

"First of all, those things have huge pockets," she said. "I usually will take it off for the flight, but [it goes with] anything from a blouse, to a cute T-shirt, to a hoodie. When I get off a flight, even if I have to go to a dinner, it always just kinds of elevates [the look]. They're just the most versatile, [even with] a workout outfit, you're good to go."

Fashion for her character, as fans of the show would know, goes far beyond simplicity and versatility with its bright colors and bold ensembles at the hand of famed Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field.

And thankfully, whether she's rocking a staple blazer off set or a costume fit for a filmed nightclub performance, Park shared that she and her cast mates will be back in Paris to film Season 3 of the show this year, even though she's not sure what's in store for them just yet.

"I'm so excited to go back," she said. "I couldn't even imagine for myself what Mindy did in Season 2, so I'm excited to see what [the writers] come up with in Season 3."

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