Anthony Bourdain explores in Couva, Trinidad Parts Unknown
Credit: David S. Holloway/Courtesy of CNN

Anthony Bourdain is anything but traditional.

The famed chef and television host has made a name for himself by decidedly doing his own thing no matter what the cost.

Take, for example, the rather unorthodox way he drinks whisky (always with a big chunk of ice, something purists believe is a no-no), or how he bucks trendy food items (don’t even get him started on Unicorn Frappuccinos).

Bourdain can even surprise us sometimes and go in a completely unexpected direction, like when he admitted to absolutely loving Popeyes mac n’ cheese. “Late at night, I’ve been known to sneak in there with a hoodie on — and I always get nailed,” Bourdain told The Boston Globe. “People are like, ‘Dude, I’m going to put this on Instagram.’”

Indeed, everything he does is outside the box, which is why fans won’t be surprised to learn that Bourdain refuses to shoot at popular tourist destinations while filming for his show, "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown."

“The challenge that we also set for ourselves was to not shoot classical Rome at all,” Bourdain told The Wrap about his Emmy-nominated episode shot in Italy. “No shots of the Colosseum, nothing from the Roman empire… we very much wanted to talk about everyday, quotidian, post-World War II Rome… the Rome that most Romans actually live in.”

And it’s this dedication to truly showing only the most unique places that has led to the episode’s five Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Informational Series, Outstanding Cinematography, writing, Outstanding Sound Mixing, and Outstanding Sound Editing.

“We wanted to make this the most beautiful thing we’d ever shot,” Bourdain added. “We set out ahead of time looking to do something really, really special.”

And while you may think winning an award doesn’t matter to Bourdain, he told The Wrap quite the opposite, saying it would be “enormously gratifying,” as the enormous Rome episode had the largest crew and most equipment of any single episode of "Parts Unknown."

Moreover, Bourdain added, he wants to win simply so the show’s crew gets recognized for their hard work.

“These guys have never worked so hard. I asked of them to make the greatest looking show we’d ever done and they went out, and with extreme difficulty, and a lot of work… did just that,” Bourdain said. “I’d really love to see these guys acknowledged.”