By Cailey Rizzo
April 05, 2017
David Scott Holloway/CNN

Originally published on April 5th, 2017.

Fans of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” can now dive even further into the world of their favorite sardonic travel host.

On Wednesday, Bourdain, CNN and Roads&Kingdoms released an online travel guide that allows fans to “learn what Tony knows, go where he went, eat what he ate, and drink what he drank,” according to CNN.

Courtesy of CNN

The website, Explore Parts Unknown, will provide a more complete picture of how Bourdain travels for his show. At launch, the site features guides to Madagascar, Senegal, Hanoi, Korea, Manila, Punjab, London, Rome, the Greek islands, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Colombia, New Jersey, Montana, Las Vegas and Los Angeles’s Koreatown. The guides are split up into four sections: Eat, Drink, Know and Go.

Courtesy of CNN

When clicking upon a city, the website greets travelers with “Bourdain’s Field Notes,” offering brief insight into why he went there and what he did. The Hanoi section, for example, features words from Bourdain about his famous meeting with Barack Obama for Bún chả. Then there is intel on where to get the same meal that Bourdain and the 44th U.S. President enjoyed.

Courtesy of CNN

The website will publish new content every Thursday, before episodes of “Parts Unknown” air on Sunday nights. The show is expected to return to CNN later this month.