By Andrea Romano
November 15, 2017
Anthony Bourdain in Seattle for Parts Unknown
Credit: Courtesy of CNN

Anthony Bourdain's “Parts Unknown” is heading to Seattle on Sunday, with a new episode that dives into the culture of the unique city in Washington state — and highlights local places to eat that are off the beaten tourist path.

As The Seattle Times reported, Bourdain spends much of the episode musing about how much Seattle has changed over the years (of course, railing against “tech bros”) and naturally partaking of some legal marijuana.

But back to the food: Bourdain stopped at some very appetizing eateries.

He stopped at the Pacific Inn Pub for some fish and chips; Revel for pork belly-kimchi pancakes, short-rib dumplings, and a short-rib rice bowl, and noodles with flat-iron steak; and Taylor Shellfish for fried smelts (that’s also a fish), oysters, and Dungeness crab.

Anthony Bourdain in Seattle for Parts Unknown
Credit: Courtesy of CNN

He also stopped by a few key bars and restaurants like a Middle Eastern eatery called Mamnoon, a tapas bar called Ocho, and a hip bar called the Shanghai Room that The Seattle Times called the “best kept secret in Seattle.” Well, not anymore. Bourdain has unearthed it.

Bourdain also made some trips to see food scientist Nathan Myhrvold at his Modernist Cuisine lab and rode the ferry to Vashon Island for a clambake. If you’re wondering at this point if you can get quality seafood in Seattle, wonder no longer.

The episode of “Parts Unknown” airs on on CNN on Sunday, November 19, at 9 p.m.