Anthony Bourdain Favorite Travel Souvenirs Gifts
Credit: Getty Images/Tetra images RF; Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

After more than a decade on the road, Anthony Bourdain likely has more passport stamps than we can count. Those stamps alone are an invaluable souvenir for most people, but for Bourdain it is something a bit more strange — and certainly more rare — that makes a treasured travel trinket.

Bourdain’s show, "Parts Unknown," just returned to CNN for its 10th season on Sunday. He and his crew will travel to Southern Italy, Singapore, France, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Puerto Rico this year, and even make a few stops around the United States.

Along the way he will undoubtedly pick up a few goodies, however, as the famed chef and T.V. host explained to Bon Appetit, he needs to have a discerning eye about what he takes home because “my apartment would start to look like The Explorer's Club or some British colonel’s curiosity room.”

As Bourdain noted, he’s been gifted several amazing items over the years including a brass bracelet given to him by a tribal chief near Kisangani along the Congo River and a Montagnard bracelet from the mountains of Vietnam. But his most prized possession of all is a gift from famous chef Marco Pierre White.

“Probably my most treasured was a bronze head of a deer that Marco Pierre White shot, and when we went hunting together, he couldn't wait for the deer that I shot to be prepared, so he gave me one of his,” Bourdain explained of his favorite souvenir. “It's on a stand that says ‘Shot by Marco Pierre White, on such-and-such date and such-and-such place.’”

But the bronze head isn’t the only gift White gave to Bourdain.

“He also gave me a very, very old statue, huge statue of the Michelin tire man from a French gas station in the 20s and 30s,” Bourdain said. “I'm grateful for those because they’re beautiful and they come from Marco Pierre White, who was always a hero to me, and still is.”

Sort of makes you want to up your own souvenir game, right?