By Tanner Saunders
April 24, 2019
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Ana Gasteyer
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Ana Gasteyer is a force to be reckoned with. From starring in “SNL” from 1996 to 2002, to belting her heart out as Elphaba in the Chicago and Broadway productions of “Wicked,” to making an appearance in the generation-defining film “Mean Girls,” there’s nothing this comedic genius can’t do.

Earlier this month, Gasteyer teamed up with skincare company Olay to put on a one-night-only Broadway production of “Olay Live! The Road to Glow,” a musical where Gasteyer played “The Skin Advisor,” a sort of algorithm-turned-fairy who guides people on their quest to “glow.” A smart play on viral marketing, product placement, and Gasteyer’s perfect comedic timing and powerhouse vocals, the roughly 45-minute show delighted the audience in New York City.

We sat down with Gasteyer after the performance to hear what it’s like performing in a one-night-only show, how to take care of your skin while traveling, all about her upcoming film “Wine Country,” and her best tips for a place she knows and loves: Broadway.

Travel + Leisure: What’s it like putting on a one-night-only Broadway production?

Ana Gasteyer: Super fun. Super ridiculous, no matter what. That sort of inner-high school musical theater kid comes out in these situations and I realize how fun and ridiculous putting on a show very quickly is.

What’s the best way to experience Broadway in New York City?

I’m a thrifty girl, so I’m a TKTS user 100 percent. If you hit it at 12 o’clock, even later, especially for plays instead of musicals, you can sometimes get front row [mezzanine] or house seats. For big musicals you see something in previews. It’s not just Broadway that makes New York, New York. Off-Broadway is incredible. All of our beloved cornerstone theater companies — The Signature, The Atlantic, Manhattan Theater Club — you’re going to find really interesting new works by new people. Be open to traveling here and there a little bit to see theater.

There is nothing like a New York theater experience to remind you that this is the nexus of talent.

Do you have any exciting trips planned?

We have just come back from my favorite trip in recent years, which was Mexico City. I didn’t know it was [a hot spot] and I felt very cool. It was fantastic. We had an incredible Airbnb experience. The ruins were mindblowing. The food was off the charts. It was just incredible.

[And] I’ll be going back to Napa Valley for the movie “Wine Country” that’s coming out. I really look forward to hitting those wineries and taking in the vistas.

How was filming “Wine Country” your “SNL” friends in the real Wine Country?

One thing I love about my ‘SNL’ girls is we can eat. No one’s actressy or weird about it. We hit every food hot spot in Napa Valley.

You paired up with Olay for your recent show. Any tips for taking care of your own skin, especially from someone who travels frequently for filming and performances?

There are two products we talk about in the show. One of them [are] these Olay Mists, which are fantastic and they’re great on airplanes. I keep them on [the] airplane and just kind of wake my skin up. It’s great if you want to reset what you have on your face already.

The other one are these Olay makeup remover wipes. They’re very sensitive and gentle. They’re great to travel with, they sort of take out a bunch of skincare steps in one because you can remove all your makeup and use a moisturizer and you’re done. My favorite makeup artist of all time years ago on a TV show basically said, “Have these in your bedside table.” Literally the cardinal sin of skincare is going to sleep with your makeup on.

Any other travel tips?

Never fall asleep in your bra for God’s sake. It’s very uncomfortable.

Note: The above interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.