Amy Schumer Celebrated Her Birthday With a Throwback-themed Bash at the TWA Hotel — Costumes Included

Schumer and her friends sported nostalgic outfits to go the with the hotel's 1960s theme.

Amy Schumer is rang in 41 with some old-school travel flare.

"Had the best 2nd 40th birthday ever at the TWA Hotel," Schumer captioned a post over the weekend, alongside a carousel of fun images from her big day.

In the photos, Schumer rocked a red, 60s-style dress with white piping to match the hotel's red and white aesthetic. In the first image, Schumer descends the staircase straight from Connie, the TWA Hotel's restored TWA Lockheed Constellation L-1649A plane, followed by an image of the hotel's pool.

The pics also included snaps with friends — including comedian Michelle Buteau and Saturday Night Live cast members Michael Che and Alex Moffat — enjoying the hotel's coolest amenity — its roller skating rink.

TWA Hotel
Courtesy of TWA Hotel

For those not already in the know about this epic throwback destination like Schumer, let us give you the rundown.

The TWA opened in 2019 and pays homage to a bygone era of glamorous travel. Located at John F. Kennedy Airport, the hotel contains more than 500 rooms, the aforementioned rooftop infinity pool, a cocktail lounge at The Sunken Lounge, and the vintage plane, which includes another cocktail lounge for good measure.

Everything is decked out in mid-century modern finishes, from the furniture and decor, to the amenity kits, keys, and even the bathrobes — which all come emblazoned with the TWA logo.

Those looking to come for a roller-skating session are in luck as it's open to the public too.

The rink, known as the Roll-A-Rama at the Runway Rink, is open every weekend for the summer season and can be rented out for special events on the weekdays like Schumer's. Though if you want to come on your own, you can. Admission for a 50-minute skate session on the weekends is $20 for adults and $16 for children under 12.

Guests at the rink can also purchase their own TWA gear, including striped tube socks, tracksuits, and hats, which are also available at The TWA Shop inside the hotel.

Admission to the rink can only be purchased by credit card and is first come, first served. The rink will remain open until November 2022. Check out more information on the hotel, the rink, and reserving your own private birthday bash here.

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