How Drake Got a $185-million Boeing 767 for Free

Just because Drake could probably afford an airplane doesn’t mean he necessarily wants to spend all his money on one.

Last month, Drake debuted his private Boeing 767, named “Air Drake.” At the time of the reveal, fans and media outlets were debating Drake’s net worth and how much the rapper had spent on his private aircraft.

Last week, TMZ revealed that the rapper received the aircraft for free from Canadian airline Cargojet because they believe it will pay for itself in publicity. The plane was reportedly valued at approximately $185 million.

In return for an airplane painted with “Air Drake,” his “OVO” owl, and clasped prayer hands on the tail, Drake will take pictures from the road and post them to his 38 million followers on Twitter and 57 million on Instagram.

Drake’s Boeing 767 is 23 years old and was recently refurbished to fit the rap star’s tour needs. Renovation alone is estimated to have cost up to $100 million, according to E! News. The outside of the aircraft is painted a signature Drake baby blue. The inside is full of plush seating, gold finishes, and plenty of mirrors.

"I know the bathroom gone be dumb nice," fellow rapper Lil Yachty commented on Drake’s Instagram reveal post.

Drake has already gotten into the spirit of having an airplane, getting on the loudspeaker and making announcements to all those on board.

Last year, Kanye West got a private double-decker Boeing 747 while on tour, although it’s unclear whether he purchased the plane or it was gifted.

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