Adele Visits Vancouver Cat Cafe
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

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Rumor had it that Grammy-award winning Adele stopped by Vancouver's Catfé to spend time with some furry felines on Tuesday. And according to the Vancouver Sun, that rumor is true!

Purrista (the world's most adorable job title) Leona Morrison claims that she didn't recognize the superstar initially, even telling her the space was full due to a birthday party.

“My co-worker was about to tell her that she looked like Adele, when she told us that sheisAdele, and she asked if she could come in, if even for a few minutes. We said …OK," said Morrison.

Apparently a grey cat named Larry caught the singer's eyes and received most of her "sweetest devotion."

“I think she went up to Larry because he was available, and also he’s just amenable,” Morrison divulged. “He’s a friendly guy. He looks like he will accept pats, and he totally will. He’s a great boy.”

The establishment has found homes for over 150 stray cats since its opening. Thanks to all the publicity, Larry can now be added to that list.

No word on whether or not Adele purchased the cafe's cat-themed treats or famous "meowchandise," though we're fairly certain she didn't walk out with a puppucino.