By Andrea Romano
August 13, 2019
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Hello. It’s Adele. And she’s on vacation.

The singer posted 10 photos on Instagram with the caption, “Summer 2019.” It’s unclear where the photos were taken, but Marie Claire reported that Adele may have been somewhere near the Colorado River. Commenters on Instagram speculated she may have spent her summer vacation in Utah. From some of the photos, it looks like the singer went to Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

The photos show the music superstar enjoying the great outdoors. She’s seen swimming in the lake, taking rides on speedboats (or maybe a yacht), hiking in canyons and atop of big rock formations, laughing around a campfire, and generally enjoying her luxurious travel digs. This is the first time the singer has posted an update on Instagram since June.

Hiking, biking, climbing, and generally getting out into a natural environment has always been a good summer pastime. In the last few years, hiking has become the number one outdoor activity among adventure travelers, and young people (Gen X and Millennials, namely) have been taking more camping trips.

Whether it’s Colorado, Utah, Arizona, or anywhere else in the world, we wish we could have been a part of Adele’s entourage. These places are not only beautiful, but their remote locations make them the ideal vacation destinations for any high-profile celebrity.

After releasing three albums and with one more on the way, according to Marie Claire, the singer certainly deserved some private rest and relaxation. According to E! News, fans have been waiting a long time for her next album and are often begging for new music on social media.

Adele definitely looks like she had an eventful and pleasant summer, though we may never know where she went. However, we’d be happy to take some travel tips from her.