Car Rental Prices Are Super High Right Now — but You Can Get a Discount Thanks to Rapper 2 Chainz

To snag the deal, all you have to do is email 2 Chainz at requesting a promo code between now and Oct. 20.

Need a car rental this month? In honor of National Treat Yo' Self Day (of "Parks and Rec" fame), peer-to-peer car rental company Turo has partnered with rapper 2 Chainz to offer a little bonus for travelers: 25% off a car rental, so you can treat yourself to an upgrade or just keep a little extra cash for yourself.

"As the newly appointed Treat Yourself Officer and investor at Turo, it's my duty to help you treat yourself right when you travel, 'cos you deserve it," 2 Chainz said in a statement shared with Travel + Leisure. "It's time to live a little and treat yourself."

Instead of having a fleet of its own cars like other rental companies, Turo allows car owners to list their vehicles on the platform, which travelers can then book for themselves (just like Airbnb). Given that there's currently a rental car shortage leading to higher prices, Turo is a very appealing method for renting cars this fall and winter. Plus, you'll know exactly what make and model of vehicle you're getting when you book instead of the mysterious "or similar" of a traditional rental car company.

2 Chainz
2 Chainz. Courtesy of Turo

To snag the deal, all you have to do is email 2 Chainz at requesting a promo code between now and Oct. 20 and provide proof of hotel room booking or flight reservation. Or, if you're not traveling far from home, you can also provide proof of a canceled reservation with another rental car company — something that's happening quite a lot due to the shortage.

As with all deals, there is a little fine print here: the deal is only valid on Turo rentals through Oct. 21, and it's capped at $75 off per rental. Even with these restrictions, if you plan on renting a car in October anyway, it's definitely worth perusing Turo's options.

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