Here's your round-up of travel stories and delights.

By Lindsey Campbell
October 09, 2019
Getty Images

Traveling for work can certainly be viewed as a glamorous perk. Jet setting to great (and sometimes not-so-great) locations can seem like a dream lifestyle, but it can also seem like a chore. So, if you find yourself frequently flying around the world for work, here are five tips to maximize your production and minimize your stress. [INC]

Vacations are a great time to unplug and leave the technology behind, but sometimes bringing a few key devices on the road can make your trip even better. These devices deserve to come along for the ride. [New York Times]

There’s no mode of transportation quite like train travel—if you do it right, it’s beautiful. From Aranyaprathet to Bangkok, and New Orleans to Los Angeles, the world’s most beautiful train journeys definitely deserve a spot on your bucket list. [Telegraph]

We all know the drill: board a plane, half-heartedly listen to the boring safety announcements and promptly put in your headphones to prepare for your journey.  But, on this Ryanair flight filled with soccer fans, the pilot tried to mix things up—have a look. [Daily Mail]