Business travel is finally becoming about more than just an airplane cabin class and cushy airport lounges. According to Fortune magazine Senior Editor Christopher Tkaczyk advancing technology has created countless opportunities for start-ups to focus on the unique needs and demands of business travelers.

Roam, for example, is a new company that allows digital nomads to live in cities across the globe. If you’re not tethered to an office and can work remotely, Roam could provide you with a fully furnished Victorian home in Little Havana, Miami, or a dreamy abode in Ubud, Bali. A third location in Madrid is on its way, with as many as 10 properties on the map by 2017. Proof that you can actually have fun on a “business trip.”

Of course, even the most traditional office job could require a lot of travel. And while savvy road warriors may be stubbornly lugging their bags through security, rather than checking, there’s a new alternative called DUFL that will literally set you free from hauling luggage.

With this year-old app, travelers pay to have someone pack their bag for them. As Tkaczyk clarifies, a packing expert is not going to physically appear at your door the night before a business trip. Instead, a warehouse keeps your business travel wardrobe on hands, and for $100 per trip, will pack and ship your belongings to your destination: be it a conference or paradise.

Like DUFL, Roam is targeting a specific (and affluent) market, largely executives and CEOs. To flit between Madrid, Bali, Miami, and more, you’ll need to be willing to spend $1,800 a month — not including food, airfare, and other activities. Then again, if you’re paying New York City rent, that sounds downright affordable.