The states where Americans spend the most on vacation.
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

How much Americans spend on vacation varies a lot — and the discrepancies are especially noticeable by state.

Alaskans outranked residents of all other states in spending on both domestic vacations, with an average of $851, and international vacations, with $4,778, according to a study by RewardExpert.

That's in part due to the transportation costs of traveling from the Last Frontier, however Alaska came in third in that category — residents in Maryland and D.C. both spent more on average on transportation ($344 and $323, respectively) than those in Alaska ($314).

To determine the average vacation spending by state, RewardExpert used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census and broke down estimates by region. The study includes estimates of spending on transportation, food and drink, lodging, and entertainment.

After Alaska, people in New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, and D.C. had the highest average spending on vacation. See the top 20 below, and where all 50 states landed in the full report.

The states where Americans spent the least on vacation, both domestic and international, were Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Alabama. In Mississippi, the average spent was $442 on a four-day domestic vacation, $2,482 on an international trip.

On average, Americans in the South spent the least on vacation — $564 on domestic and $3,169 on international — compared to the Northeast, Midwest, and West.

In each individual category, Maryland residents spent the most on transportation for domestic vacations, Alaskans spent the most on food and drink as well as entertainment, and those in New Hampshire spent the most on lodging.

States That Spent the Most on Domestic Vacations

  1. Alaska - $851.21
  2. New Hampshire - $820.87
  3. Maryland - $812.71
  4. Connecticut - $790.65
  5. D.C. - $773.81
  6. Washington - $762.03
  7. Colorado - $754.70
  8. Utah - $750.87
  9. Minnesota - $750.57
  10. New Jersey - $741.49
  11. Massachusetts - $736.11
  12. Hawaii - $731.10
  13. California - $721.15
  14. Wyoming - $690.43
  15. Oregon - $689.40
  16. Virginia - $679.00
  17. Iowa - $664.57
  18. Nebraska - $660.41
  19. Illinois - $659.74
  20. Pennsylvania - $655.06

The study also highlighted just how much more expensive international trips are compared to domestic. Across the U.S., the average spent on a four-day domestic trip was $630, while average spending for international trips (not limited to four days) was $3,538.