Woman using a cell phone by a lake while on vacation
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Budgeting for travel can be tricky, but there are some helpful apps out there to guide you (and your bank account) to the best vacation ever.

Many people out there struggle to find the extra dough to put away for future trips. Between bills, rent or mortgages, student loans, groceries, other essentials, and a general “weekly fun” fund, having a nest egg for travel can often be overlooked.

So no matter how much money you make, you’re probably looking to save more money so you can go on the best trip of your life. Or maybe you just want to be able to save enough for a yearly road trip or to see your extended family during the holidays. Whatever travel you need to save for, planning for these trips always seems to be left to the last minute.

But a few apps out there are changing the game by making saving easier — sometimes, to the point where you barely even have to think about it at all.

1. Digit

This popular app lets you set up several funds for whatever your needs may be, from paying off your credit card to planning that epic trip to Thailand. Without even changing how you spend, Digit automatically takes out tiny amounts of money directly from your bank account every day and stores it away. And don’t worry about Digit over-saving for you. You can always pause saving or set up a minimum balance protection, so you’re always safe.

2. Ibotta

This is a free app that saves you tons of money whenever you shop. As soon as you’ve completed a purchase, scan your receipt into the app and it will send you cash back on the items you’ve purchased within one week.

3. Retail Me Not

Before you shop, check out this app for everyday deals that will save you tons of dollars at places where you already spend money, from department stores like Macy’s, to Amazon, to restaurants.

4. Acorns

This desktop platform is a micro investing app that takes your spare cash and uses it to help you build a portfolio of investments, kind of like Digit, but also with the added bonus of a diversified stock portfolio. It’ll help you with your stocks and bonds while buffering your losses when the market changes, so you can stay secure.

5. Mint

Meet the No. 1 budgeting app that will teach you how to track your spending like a pro. It was even created by the makers of Turbo Tax, so you can manage your money and find places where you can tighten your belt easily.