London is a notoriously expensive city, but for travelers, it just went on sale.

By Jess McHugh
October 04, 2016
British pound
Credit: Getty Images

The pound fell to a 31-year low Tuesday, following an announcement from Prime Minister Theresa May confirming that she would pursue Brexit negotiations with the European Union by March 2017.

While the news is cause for concern for U.K. residents, the dip will provide an economic boost to foreigners looking to travel to the U.K.

The pound, which has been worth $2.070 at some of its strongest exchange rates, such as in 2007, fell to $1.2775 Tuesday.

“Currencies of course go up and down,” May told the BBC. “If you look indeed at the most recent forecasts now coming out for growth in our economy this year, all of that is more positive than people had expected it to be and predicted it to be.”

Regardless of May’s optimism, tourists—particularly from the U.S.–can take advantage of the exchange rate now. One of the top destinations for foreign tourists to the U.K. is London, where visitors can explore many of the cultural and culinary treasures the country has to offer.

London still has secrets to unveil, even to veteran travelers. The historic Marylebone Lane guides pedestrians through some of the lesser-known boutiques in London and lesser-visited Seymour Place is a trove of food delights.

Travelers looking for a new adventure can set their sights on Northern Ireland. While the region has long been known for violent unrest, Northern Irish cities and towns have begun to turn that reputation around in the past several years.

Popular U.S. television show “Game of Thrones” filmed many of its most memorable scenes on the shores of Northern Ireland, including in Ballintoy Harbor, which served as a backdrop for the Iron Islands.

Isle of Skye in Scotland is another jewel in the British crown that has grown in appeal in the past several years. Ambitious chefs and architects have flocked to the remote island, making it a delight for foodies, artists and nature-lovers alike.