woman mediating on a flight
Credit: Gareth Brown/ Corbis

Think of it as meditation for the SoulCycle generation: mindfulness has been a trending topic in the travel space, and now it’s getting a high altitude twist. Starting this week, passengers on British Airways will be able to calm their pre-flight jitters with the help of mindfulness videos, special therapeutic playlists, and more—all kicking off on the carrier’s inaugural A380 route between SFO and London’s Heathrow.

Curated by Mark Coleman, founder of the Mindfulness Institute in San Francisco, BA’s four meditative videos will focus on different parts of your journey, helping you stay calm before boarding, during the flight, and throughout the descent (the fourth video offers an intro to mindfulness practices created just for travelers). If that’s not enough to keep you zen, the in-flight entertainment system will also include “Flying with Confidence” videos and therapeutic audio playlists.

Why the big push for stress zappers at 40,000 feet? A bad year for aviation may have something to do with it, compounded with the rise of wellness programming across the travel industry. And then there’s the introduction of the Dreamliner, with its jet-lag-fighting humidity controls and soothing lighting schemes. BA’s fleet of A380’s takes a page from that book, with “wellness optimizations” that include a sophisticated air filtration system and 15 different temperature control zones.

Nikki Ekstein is an Assistant Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @nikkiekstein.