By Erika Owen
July 15, 2015
British Airways airplane exterior
Credit: John McKenna /Alamy

The new Dreamliner cabin design from British Airways may be just what passengers are looking for. While the full plan hasn't been revealed yet, the amenities are focused on taking the high-tech feel of the plane past its sleek seat design and floorplan. The entire design caters to user experience, meaning all of the components are functional in some shape or form. We have heard whispers on what to expect—here are just a few things passengers have to look forward to:

Smartphone-esque Entertainment Handsets

The seats feature dockable handsets that works much like a smartphone (think finger-fueled scrolling and clicking). These handheld controls can also be docked for easy access.

Double Screen Viewing

To complement the handset screen, a 23-inch fixed screen is also available to each passenger. This means you can have your flight tracking and watch your movie, too.

Eye-Level Storage

Storing carry-ons underneath seats may be the most space-saving method, but accessing your things mid-flight couldn't be more cumbersome. British Airways' new design features an eye-level storage space perfect for keeping glasses safe from in-air naps (among other trinkets, of course). Bonus: There's also a mirror attached to the locker for quick touch-ups and grooming.

Comfort (and Storage)-Focused Ottoman

In addition to an adjustable footstool, there's also an ottoman that doubles as storage that's accessible without leaving your seat.

Mood Lighting Inspired By The Time of Day

The cabin already features larger-than-usual windows, but the airlines hopes to help passengers keep with their natural rhythm with mood lighting inspired by the time of day. This feature hopes to help flyers sleep during nighttime flights and stay awake during the day.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.