From how it actually happened to what it means for the future of Britain, as told by the voices of the Internet.

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A lot happened during the voting that ended in Britain leaving the European Union on the night of June 23rd. Needless to say, it was hard to keep up—from David Cameron's resignation to J.K Rowling wishing magic could get the U.K. out of Brexit—and continues to be with the many opinions and breaking news that continues to hit the media. Ahead, seven longer reads from all around the Internet that take a look at a number of aspects and causes for the monumental decision.

One Irish native living in the U.K. broke down the events minute-by-minute as the initial polls were being reported. The result is an incredibly candid look at history being made. [Eoin O'Reilly, Medium]

London native Felix Salmon shares his thoughts on how he believes one single vote changed the entire course of the world—and his thoughts on how it could have been completely avoided. [Fusion]

The New Yorker dug into Cameron's dispirited Brexit address, including his resignation announcement come this October. This is a deep dive into Britain's history of referendums and how this one is different than all the rest. [The New Yorker]

The question now is, where do we go after Brexit? Vox shared the logistics on what actually needs to happen for a country to leave the European Union and just how long it will actually take. Also covered: what the move means for migrants, the potential for a shaky future for the U.K., and how Britain's economy will be affected. [Vox]

One Briton shared his thoughts on how those on the left of the Labour party should move forward after a decision such as this. [Paul Mason, Medium]

Everyone will be affected by this decision, from travelers heading to London to the very politicians involved in the referendum. The Verge highlighted a community of scientists who are facing an unsure future when it comes to collaboration and funding for projects. [The Verge]

There are a lot of issues that led to Britain leaving the European Union, from backlash to global capitalism to financial meltdowns. The New York Times shares thoughts on how the decisions and actions to come are completely unprecedented. [The New York Times]

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