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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: November 05, 2016
Matjaz Boncina/Getty Images

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Anyone who has sat through the in-flight announcements at the beginning of a flight knows airlines have many safety procedures in place. One of which shows passengers how to brace themselves in the rare chance of an emergency landing—but is this actually beneficial? Popular Science took a look at the science behind the theory and found following protocol for bracing yourself upon emergency landing could actually save your life. [Popular Science]

Vacation should be a worry-free time and unwanted physical contact should never be part of your travel experience. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you think. Huffington Post took a look at how airlines handle these situations. [Huffington Post]

Delta passengers no longer have to try to shove all their items into a carry-on just to avoid the possibility of lost luggage. The airline recently debuted an app that allows passengers to keep track of their luggage in real time, from check-in to pick up. [Mashable]

Is Space on the top of your bucket list? While space travel may be getting closer, there are things to consider beyond the technology. A new study shows a trip out of this world may be damaging to the human body—specifically the spine. [News Medical Life Sciences]

With the Cubs winning the World Series baseball fans have had quite the week. Now, fans have something else to be excited about: Logan Airport is naming a gate after David Ortiz. [CBS Local]