Boeing 777 flying in the air
Credit: © ScotStock / Alamy Stock Photo

Footage of an airplane 'drag race' of sorts has emerged and it's everything you would hope it to be and more. Back in 2011, a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 737 took to the sky to see just who would win in a high-speed race more than 30,000 feet in the air. This kind of thing is no accident—all flights crews involved, as well as air traffic control were aware that this was occurring.

In the video, it appears that the racing planes are much closer than they actually are. In reality, there's about 2,000 feet in between the aircrafts. The Boeing 747 was flying lower than the 737 resulting in a bit of a discrepancy considering just how much it was winning by, but the results are valid: the 747 can reach speeds up to 613 mph and the 737 comes in second flying up to speeds of 543 mph. The video below was captured from a third airplane, taped by the pilot in the cockpit. Check it out:

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