How to Make the Most of Flying Business Class (Video)

You did it! You scored a coveted seat on a business class flight. Whether you’re traveling for business, treated yourself or used a ton of airline miles, the important thing is that you made it, and what matters even more is how you make the most of your sky-high experience. To ensure you don’t miss out on any premium privileges, take note of our list of luxury items and services you need to take advantage of on and off the plane.

Pre-beauty sleep is key

How are you supposed to take in all of the perks if you’re tired? Do yourself a favor and arrive well-rested. From the finest dining to enjoying a movie on a seat that transforms into a bed, you’ll be kicking yourself if you sleep through the entire flight. At the same time, skip the coffee and let yourself doze off at some point. Come on, these lie-flat seats and pajamas aren’t going to use themselves.

Yes, you can skip the line

Airports take priority access pretty seriously and as a business class passenger, so should you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting in an economy baggage drop-off, security or immigration line. Having a ticket with a higher fare will usually allow you to breeze right by.

But you should still get to the airport early

Feel free to carve out some extra time before your flight, just not because you need to beat out the crowds. Access to an airline lounge is a huge business class perk and you want to give yourself time to explore it. Go ahead, grab some bubbly or freshen up with a shower before boarding. Just make sure you don’t get there too early if you want to check a bag — not all airlines have attendants that can check your luggage at any given time.

Board hungry

A white table cloth meal and a dessert cart are often standard in business class. Forget everything you’ve ever known about airplane food and make sure to come with an empty stomach.

Ask for all the amenities

A travel kit with socks, ear plugs, high-end moisturizers and more will likely meet you at your seat, but sometimes you have to ask for the pajamas and slippers. There’s also no shame in ordering more than one appetizer and several drinks during your flight.

But don’t go overboard

Be careful. You don’t want to disturb your fellow passengers, and no matter how glamorous a business class flight can be, it’s not worth being hungover for.

Use up your space

Like in economy, your first instinct may be to stuff everything in an overhead bin, a hassle eliminated by a business class ticket. Don’t overlook the compartments around your seat for clever spots designed for your shoes, laptop and other personal items. You can also ask the flight attendant to hang up any outerwear you have on.

Check if there's car service

It never hurts to carefully check all the details of your luxe reservation. Airlines like Emirates — the second best international airline in Travel + Leisure's World Best Awards — offer a complimentary chauffeur to and from the airport and all the way to your final destination.

Layovers are no longer miserable

Lounge access is available throughout your entire itinerary, so relax and head straight in as soon as you reach your layover stop. Regardless of how long your break may be, receptionists at the lounge do a good job of timing things out to guarantee you don’t miss your connection.

Dress the way you want

Dressing to impress is a major myth. No one’s going to judge you if you don’t waltz in wearing a business suit or stilettos. This is your moment, own it and be yourself.

Don’t forget to check-in online

Business class or not, you’re not assured a window seat. Secure the exact seat you want by checking in online beforehand and save time by downloading your mobile boarding pass.

Strike up a conversation

You never know who you’re sitting next to in a business class cabin. Instead of ignoring the chatty passenger next to you, smile and say hello. You might find your seatmate to be a great business contact to network with or just someone fun and friendly to get to know.

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