By Cailey Rizzo
January 08, 2018
Getty Images

Hawaii is a bucket-list destination for many reasons. The Aloha State is home to an extraordinary culture, pristine landscapes, and idyllic beaches.

While there is no one “perfect time” to visit Hawaii, individual preferences can dictate the best time to book your vacation.

The Cheapest Times to Visit Hawaii

Flights to Hawaii are generally at their most expensive from mid-December through mid-April. With some planning, however, flights in January or February can be up to $175 cheaper than typical high season, according to the farecasting app, Hopper. This is a great time for travelers looking for low fares, as Southwest Airlines has recently launched new routes to the islands. Hotel rooms, on the other hand, are likely to be cheapest during the fall months, from September through the middle of December.

The Best Weather in Hawaii

Travelers looking for the best weather in Hawaii will find that rainfall is at its lowest from April through September. According to Accuweather, however, hurricane season in the Central Pacific lasts from approximately June 1 to November 3, with the chances of a tropical cyclone peaking in August. Just remember there’s still plenty to do in Honolulu, even when it rains.

The Most Popular Times to Visit Hawaii

The Hawaiian Tourism Authority reported that July has the most visitor arrivals of the entire year. December is the second-busiest month. Travelers who want to avoid crowds should also avoid booking trips during the last week of April and the first week of May. During this so-called “Golden Week,” hoards of tourists flock to Hawaii from Japan.

The Best Times to Go Whale-watching

Those who visit Hawaii with the intent of whale watching will find humpback whales off the islands’ coasts from December through May. February is considered by many as the absolute peak of the season, as it’s when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration completes its annual whale survey.

Those looking for a perfect combination of fewer visitors, lower prices, and good weather will likely find their ideal booking window during the shoulder seasons, in either May or September.