Ireland, Morocco and More: The 65 Coolest Surf Spots in The World

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Fiji Surfing
Photo: J.Sciulli/Getty Images

What better way to enjoy beautiful beaches, great weather and clear blue water than to surf it? From remote bays in Namibia to the must-catch waves of Waikiki, these spots should be on every surfer’s bucket list. [Men’s Journal]

Tragedy can bring out the best in humanity, and that’s exactly what happened on this JetBlue flight en-route to Orlando. A plane full of passengers wrote letters of condolences for a woman who lost her grandson in the nightclub shootings. Read the full story, here. [ScaryMommy]

Looking for a career change? NASA is hiring—kind of. The space agency released retro “wanted” posters looking for applicants for what may someday be career opportunities on Mars. [CNN]

In what seems to be a never-ending cycle, a shortage of air traffic controllers could mean even more flight delays this summer. [CNN Money]

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