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Lindsey Campbell
Updated January 21, 2017

What better way to enjoy beautiful beaches, great weather and clear blue water than to surf it? From remote bays in Namibia to the must-catch waves of Waikiki, these spots should be on every surfer’s bucket list. [Men’s Journal]

Tragedy can bring out the best in humanity, and that’s exactly what happened on this JetBlue flight en-route to Orlando. A plane full of passengers wrote letters of condolences for a woman who lost her grandson in the nightclub shootings.  Read the full story, here. [ScaryMommy]

Looking for a career change? NASA is hiring—kind of. The space agency released retro “wanted” posters looking for applicants for what may someday be career opportunities on Mars. [CNN]

In what seems to be a never-ending cycle, a shortage of air traffic controllers could mean even more flight delays this summer. [CNN Money]

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