Airline Employee Shares Jobs That Come With the Same Awesome Travel Perks As a Flight Attendant in TikTok Video

So a desk job can come with free flights? Sign us up!

When thinking about typical airline jobs (and the cool perks that come with them) pilots and flight attendants may come to mind, but one TikToker is out to show the internet that there are other airline-related careers that may come with the same benefits.

"Every single one of these roles comes with flight benefits, or free flights," United Airlines employee Megan Homme shared on TikTok recently. "We do hire lawyers, UX designers, tons of engineering roles, also a ton in IT."

Homme, who works in talent acquisition for the airline, uses social media to talk about all about different openings at the company — many of which are clearly, not limited to those on aircrafts.

In the same clip, Homme added, "yes, we have interns, audit, consultants, [and] we are hiring a ton of ramp service employees — those are people you see out loading bags, for example. Some of them have up to a $10,000 sign-on bonus."

Homme added a "part 2" video to the series, specifically speaking to those who dread commuting to an office.

"Yes, there are remote jobs, [I'm] currently working from Palm Springs," Homme said. "We hire a lot of supervisors, and you don't need any airline experience, lots of analyst roles, [more] engineering, and we're hiring a lot in recruiting and talent acquisition."

The United website confirmed, jobs come with "unlimited standby travel and discounted airfare to anywhere we fly."

Currently, the airline is hiring over 100 positions across the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Austria, along with roles in Ecuador and Brazil. In addition to all of the travel opportunities there are other practical benefits, like a 401(K) match, healthcare options, and professional development — but who can ignore the allure of free travel with their work, right?

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