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Keeping track of your itinerary details, loyalty programs, and reservations can be a headache without the right tools. T+L takes a look at the best apps.

Worldmate Gold: Wish all of your travel details would show up on your phone’s calendar? WorldMate’s premium app will make it happen—whether you use Google, iCal, or Outlook. It can sync flight schedules, restaurant reservations, apartment rentals, and more—and if you add a hotel booking, the app will automatically try to find you a better price. Also handy: built-in weather forecasts that appear alongside your appointments. ($9.99 per year; Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Kayak: Not surprisingly, the site that does it all has an app to match. In addition to the usual perks, such as automatic itinerary updates and flight-delay notifications, you’ll get access to dozens of features that allow you to book an entire vacation in just a few quick taps. You can search for airfares, find hotels, and even book rental cars. The only thing missing? A loyalty-points tracker. (Free; Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone)

TripCase: This business-minded trip manager stores your entire itinerary (down to your meals) and makes updates in real time, whether you’re inputting changes on the go or someone back at the office is doing it for you (travel agents included). Family and friends can receive updates when your flight lands or gets delayed; what’s more, a new partnership with discount provider Deem Offers delivers deals for nearby restaurants and hot spots. (Free; Android, iOS)

TripIt Pro: TripIt used to be best when used on the Web, but these days, its app is truly impressive. The most time-sensitive details show up front and center on the app’s home screen, whether it’s flight updates as you’re heading to the airport or directions to your hotel once you’ve landed. Splurge on the Pro version—it’s worth the money. It includes the most comprehensive loyalty-points tracker around, as well as Seat Tracker, which allows you to request a block of up to four seats on any flight. ($49 per year; Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Tom Samiljan is Travel + Leisure’s Tech Correspondent.

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