By Erika Owen
July 09, 2015
Credit: Zodiac Aerospace

From above, Zodiac Aerospace's new airplane cabin design looks absolutely chaotic—and it kind of is. Designed to have seats facing in both directions in an effort to conserve space, the set-up has passengers sitting knee to shoulder to give the traveler sitting in the middle seat a little extra wiggle room. The good: The patent features seats that flip up, making a world of difference for passengers looking to squeeze their way out of the row. The bad: There's no room for seat-back screens, taking the best in-flight entertainment option out of the picture. The ugly: You're going to have a front-and-center view of your neighbor's sleeping face, should you choose the ill-fated middle seat.

No matter how many extra seats are actually being added into the cabin, this isn't anything close to the staggered middle seat design that we actually want to sit in.

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