TikTok's Favorite Grandma Has the Best Advice for What to Do After Returning Home From a Trip

Meet Babs.

As far as giving sage advice goes, no one has your back more than Babs.

Lovingly known on TikTok as "everyone's grandmother," Babs Costello is a grandmother of eight and mother of four who willingly shares her advice — such as easy recipes, how to treat mosquito bites, and how to clean your oven — with her nearly 2 million followers.

Much to our pleasure, she often shares her favorite travel hacks, including a recent post where she shared the three things she always does when she gets home from a trip, which we should absolutely be doing too.

Her first tip, however, may not be everyone's favorite after a long flight.

"Tip number one, unpack immediately, don't procrastinate, get [it] done. Unpack immediately," she added with a solid finger shake.

She then went on to explain a packing hack she and her husband, "Mr. Babs," do together, to ensure an easy laundry process upon returning home.

"Mr. Babs and I always put dirty clothes in one suitcase [and] clean clothes in another," she said. "Dirty clothes right from the suitcase into the machine, clean clothes right into your drawer."

Babs, who recently took a trip to France, added, "Once your suitcase is empty, put it away. You don't want to be tripping over them in the middle of the night, right?"

As for the second thing she always does, Babs explained she keeps things simple with her first dinner back by ordering a pizza.

"Who wants to cook the day they get back?" she asked. "Want to take it a step further? Have your groceries delivered the day you return."

Her most important tip, though? It's all about self-care.

"You need to get rest," she said. "After you're all set, things are unpacked, hop in the shower, and get in your jams, and go crawl into bed." She added, "before I leave for vacation I like to put fresh sheets on the bed so when I crawl in, it's heavenly."

For those leaving for a trip overseas soon, Babs also recently shared tips for getting over jetlag upon arrival.

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