Apple's new iOS14 is coming this fall.

iOS14 new updates
Credit: Apple

On Monday, Apple presented its latest products to the world. And though this announcement didn’t come with a new phone, the company did announce a complete shakeup of how we all currently use our iPhones.

In the announcement, Apple shared that it’s creating a new Home Screen with redesigned widgets, the App Library, new App Clips, and updates to other popular Apple apps like Messages and maps. Here are five upgrades all iPhone users need to know about.

An all-new App Library

All the new iPhone Home Screen bells and whistles come as part of the iOS 14 update. According to cnet, the App Library is getting a major upgrade to automatically organize all of your apps into one single view. It will allow users to organize, group, and navigate apps in an entirely new way. The new app library will automatically pull in like-apps together (for example, airline apps will all be put together under “travel”) however, users can also choose to manually change their app organization as well.

Resize widgets

In the new update, users will also be able to pin and resize widgets right on the home screen. Want a larger clock on your home screen? You got it. Care about the stock market? Pin the stock widget and watch the market movement right on the screen.

Picture-in-picture video

Beyond the home screen changes, iOS 14 is also coming with one other excellent update: picture-in-picture video. The new update will allow users to see a person on video chat and still interact with the rest of your phone’s apps. This means you can chat with friends and still check in on work, or video your mom about a recipe and see it on the screen as well.

Pinned messages

Messages, The Verge reported, are also getting a major upgrade. Soon, iPhone users will be able to pin contacts and conversations to the top of the Messages app, allowing people to more easily converse with their most important friends and family. And, as a part of messages, everyone’s favorite Memojis are also getting a few new upgrades including hat and hair options. People will also be able to send a few more sticker options including fist bumps and hugs to let people know they really care.

New Apple Maps integrations

For travelers, this one is a biggie. As Apple explained, Apple Maps will soon have curated guide integration with Zagat or AllTrails. This will allow users to get specific recommendations for places to go, explore, and more. The map upgrade will also include more detailed looks at bike lanes, giving people better directions for bike rides, which could also improve the safety of their rides. The cycling update will launch in NYC, Los, San Fransisco’s Bay Area, Shanghai, and Beijing first, The Verge reported.

As cnet reported, a developer version of iOS 14 is currently available to download. The public beta of the new phone operating system will begin sometime in July with the full version’s release sometime in fall 2020. The full release, cnet noted, could come with the rumored all-new iPhone 12, so get ready for a tech-heavy autumn.