By Erika Owen
October 02, 2015
Credit: Josh Ryan

Flying is far from a calming experience. Airports around the world are attempting to make the experience a little less stressful with the inclusion of a few furry friends. Because let's be honest, there's nothing that adds a sparkle to the eye quicker than a quick play session with a friendly dog. These four-legged companions are trained to interact with crowds and are required to pass through security, just like any other airport employee. Many times, these pups can even be requested to greet passengers at the gate.

From Miami to San Jose, there's a crew of pups with the mission to put a smile on every passenger's face they interact with. Keep reading and get to know a few of them below:

Meet Casey from Miami International Airport

Casey is Miami International Airport's resident therapy pup, a seven-year-old Golden Retriever. Hobbies include: being at home with family and sleeping in their beds; eating, eating, eating; swimming in the pool; hiking in the woods; hanging out the window of the bus; chasing cats and eating their food; and swimming in cold rivers.

Meet Henry James from the San Jose Mineta Airport

Credit: Kyra Hubis

Henry James is just one of 13 certified airport therapy dogs at San Jose Mineta Airport. The five-year-old Golden Retriever has been strolling the airport on Mondays for the past five years. Mineta is said to be the first airports to introduce therapy dogs into their services right after 9/11. A few facts on Henry James: his favorite treat is raw carrots or apples, he loves car rides in the country, and he'd love to visit a ranch in Australia (for all of the fresh air smells).

Meet Chance from the Los Angeles International Airport

Credit: Heidi Huebner

This three-year-old Husky mix was born to be an airport therapy dog, according to his owner. The pup has been spreading good vibes (and taking treats!) in one of the country's busiest airports as part of LAX's PUPs (Pets Unstressing Passengers). A few fun facts: On his off days, he loves lounging on beds and couches and eating any dog cookie that comes his way.

Meet The Berner Brigade from the Will Rogers World Airport

Credit: Josh Ryan

This handsome duo—Gus and Bailey, respectively—are cousins and work together to bring a little more fun into the flying process. They pups are more commonly known as the Berner Brigade—you won't often see one without the other. These two stroll Oklahoma City's Will Rogers Airport on the search for passengers to please. Their favorite snack? strawberries and blueberries with a side of yogurt. In their free time, you can find Gus and Bailey at the Myriad Botanical Gardens romping among the flowers and resting under shade trees.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.