Seven Times Someone Totally Messed Up at the Airport.

By Erika Owen
Updated March 21, 2016
Airport Security
Credit: Getty Images

Getting through the airport can be the toughest part of vacation. Never-ending security lines, tarmac delays, lost luggage—the struggle is real. Ahead, you'll find seven times someone in some airport around the world totally messed up. Hey, we all make mistakes.

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1 Airline Loses CEO's Luggage

At the end of last year, Alaska Airlines lost its own CEO's luggage. Although it was delivered to him a day later, that was the second time in his traveling career that it had happened to him while flying with his own company.

2 Posting Boarding Passes on Social Media

This is somewhat of a given, but any time you post personal information on the Internet, someone can dig a little deeper on you—that includes boarding passes. You wouldn't post your credit card information on Instagram, so why would you share a document that has access to your full name, origin, intended destination(s), and a barcode to potentially even more information? Needless to say, this has been done and nothing good has come of it. This may not be an "in-airport mess-up," per say, but you can imagine the confusion when you get to the check-in counter and your itinerary has been changed.

3 Using the Wrong Passport

Recently, a British traveler flew to Germany using his girlfriend's passport—and no one stopped him. It wasn't until he actually arrived in Germany that Josh Reed realized he had made it through his entire trip using the passport of his girlfriend, who was seven months pregnant at the time of the photo.

4 Failed TSA Tests

It's common knowledge that the TSA doesn't catch every banned item that comes through the security line. But a survey surfaced in 2015 shares that the security process has been infiltrated by the Department of Homeland Service for the past 10 years—and they've successfully carried unauthorized objects through 95 percent of the time. That's a lot of mess-ups.

5 Abandoning Your Airplane

In what could have possibly been the biggest prank of 2015, someone left three cargo jets on the runway of a Malaysian airport. With no name or information attached, the airport took out ads in local newspapers, asking someone to claim their misplaced airplanes.

6 Stripping in the Security Line

Going through security in one of those necessary airport evils that takes entirely too long (most of the time), but is extremely important. One flyer decided to protest being delayed on her way to a gate by stripping down to her skivies in an effort to speed things up. Needless to say, it didn't work out in her favor.

7 Airport Employees Mishandling Baggage

A video of a group of baggage handlers mishandling luggage surfaced last year. Allegedly, a number of Alaska Airlines employees decided to blow off some holiday-travel steam by taking turns to see just how far they could toss a piece of luggage. Luckily, someone caught it on tape. The employees apologized, stating that the rollaboard bag was full of magazines.