By Erika Owen
January 21, 2017

Earlier this week, three airplanes made the news for making it through lightning strikes unscathed. An Icelandair flight heading to London Heathrow Airport was caught on video (it's the first video footage below) as it approached a storm and took a quick strike right through the middle. Two other flights coming into London—one coming in from Prague and the other from Edinburgh—also reportedly experienced lightning strikes.

Now, anything being struck by lightning is a scary thought, and the loud fanfare around the act is terrifying. But airplanes are built to withstand such an impromptu attack and most of the time exit the situation without more than a dusty mark on its body. Looking for proof? People around the world have shared their airplane lightning strike experiences from all angles—bystanders watching from the ground, passengers in the window seat, airport security footage. Check out the videos below for a taste of what it looks like when an airplane is struck by lightning:

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