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The reason might not be what you think. 

Melissa Locker
May 24, 2016

The TSA just fired its head of security, as the agency comes under fire from airlines, airports, and passengers for the insanely long security lines at airports.

And the crazy queues may not even be why Kelly Hoggan lost his job.

Hoggan, who held the job since 2013, was removed from his position about two weeks after a congressional hearing about TSA management. The House Oversight Committee grilled TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger about Hoggan’s performance—and noted that Hoggan received more than $90,000 in bonuses between November 2013 and November 2014, despite “significant security vulnerabilities" at airports. 

House members believe the TSA was trying to keep the bonus from being scrutinized, by breaking it up into $10,000 payments, CNN reported.

The TSA said it has plans to give travelers some relief. "Congress gave the TSA authority to hire more than 700 new screeners, who are expected by mid-June, and the agency is redeploying others,” Secretary for Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on NPR’s Morning Edition. He said the TSA will use more canine teams to help screen passengers. He also encouraged passengers to sign up for the TSA Pre-Check program.

Over-optimistic estimates for the number of Pre-Check signups are one reason for the huge lines. The TSA has also blamed budget cuts, and the agency tightened up security after failing a slew of tests.

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