By Melissa Locker
Updated: January 21, 2017

Circling the globe in Etihad Airways’ new $32,000 luxury suite may be a bit out of our travel budget, but luckily the airline is now offering a 360-degree tour via virtual reality. And when you offer the most expensive flight in the world , you can afford to hire Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman to star in your promotional videos.

Etihad has released a video title “Etihad A380 Virtual Reality experience featuring Nicole Kidman”, where Kidman serves as a tour guide for Etihad’s extravagant new A380 plane.

In the clip, Kidman sips tea in the plane’s lounge area, discussing her role in an upcoming feature film with a colleague. A white-gloved butler interrupts to announce that her made-to-order dinner is being served in the Residence, the 125-square-foot suite with a lounge, bathroom (with a shower!), and double bed. 

As she walks through the plane, passengers can be seen immersed in the flight’s entertainment system, dining on the plane’s freshly-made cuisine, enjoying the relative privacy of the pod-like seats, and hanging with their pet falcons (really!). We even glimpsed someone who may be one of the airlines famed in-flight nannies.

When watching, be sure to click and drag to play with YouTube’s 360 capabilities.