By Melanie Lieberman
Updated: January 21, 2017
VCG via Getty Images

Bruce Dickinson is best known as the lead singer of heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

He is also an experienced pilot who flew Air Djibouti’s first passenger flight in 14 years.

Dickinson owns the Malta-based aviation company VVB that manages Air Djibouti. The East African nation shuttered its national airline more than a dozen years ago, and is now preparing to resume service. When he's not flying the first passenger flight for recovering airlines, he pilots Iron Maiden's 747 to tour dates.

Dickinson navigated the Boeing 737-400 from Wales’ St. Athan Airport to Malta, where he collected crewmembers before continuing on to Djibouti City.

According to Business Insider, ambitious plans are in place for Air Djibouti, which is one of the oldest airlines in Africa. The carrier could be transporting passengers to Paris, London, Dubai, and Mumbai as early as November.

Until then, it will develop a schedule of regular regional flights to destinations including South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

While Air Djibouti's fleet is only one aircraft at the moment, the airline is expecting to receive a Boeing 767, 737, and 757 this year. Hopefully, those will delivered by rock stars, too.

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