Get a taste of the high life. 

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
January 21, 2017
BMW DesignWorks USA

First class is reserved for the rich and famous, right? While that’s typically true, there are ways you can score those lie-flat beds, five-star meals, and access to exclusive lounges—all for under $1,000.  The catch: you might only be in the air for 90 minutes.

A number of the top airlines offer these cheaper fares for their luxury cabins on their short-haul routes. Passengers can fly in Etihad's First Apartment on its Abu Dhabi to Mumbai route for $963 one way. You’ll get a private suite complete with a full bed, leather armchair, vanity, full-length wardrobe, and shower. But you better pack all your activities in quick because the trip is only three hours.

Similarly, Singapore Airlines offers their first class seats for $889 one way on their Manchester to Munich route. On the 90-minute journey you’ll feel like a king as you enjoy a lay-flat bed and top-notch dishes like rib-eye steak. On British Airways flight from Doha to Bahrain you’ll get to experience a private suite with a seat that converts into a bed, a duvet and cotton pajamas for just $370. But, you only have 30 minute to get cozy. 

Korean Air has an hour flight from Vienna to Zurich for $444 in their Kosmo Suites and Swiss International Airlines let’s you take a quick hour-long cat nap from Dubai to Muscat in their first class cabin for around $404.

Hey, 30 minutes of luxury is better than none, right?