From secret spots and bucket-list destinations to life-changing gadgets and booking tips, here's your round-up of need-to-know travel news and daily delights.

By Lindsey Campbell
June 08, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

For budget-savvy travelers the only thing that makes a great vacation even better is knowing you got a great deal on it. And, while this may be the cheapest summer for travel, that shouldn’t stop you from trying mastering these must-know tricks for saving money on airfare. [New York Times]

It's no secret that there's a healthy dose of competition between airlines—it's obvious when they roll out the best new cabins or the cheapest flight prices. But these specific airlines go beyond traditional competitors to serious rivalries—here, the airlines that hate each other the most. [Telegraph]

Unfortunately us humans tend to mess with nature, and while we’d love to move passed that there’s a museum bringing it all to light: The Center for PostNatural History. The Pittsburgh museum showcases all the ways humans have altered nature throughout the years. [Vice]

Thanks to a new website and booklet, tourists visiting France can get a glimpse into how people from their countries are viewed. The French Tourism Bureau release a “Talking Tourist(e)” guide to help locals better understand their visitors. From the shopping tendencies of the British, to the attitudes of Americans, here’s how the French perceive you. [Telegraph]

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