Add-on travel services like a personal chef could be next for customers.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 17, 2016
Getty Images/Westend61

Vacation rental booking site Airbnb wants to further up the ante on your travel experience. The company has been testing an offering that allows tourists to book add-on services during their stay.

Airbnb users could soon book personal chefs, art gallery tours, rental bikes, and restaurant reservations.

“Our basic idea is: I want you to go to a city; you feel like you live there,” Chesky said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “When people go to a place, they want much more than just a home. They want to be part of a neighborhood. And what we are really focused on doing is, how can we immerse you into a neighborhood?”

While there’s no set launch date yet, the company hopes to start offering these services later this year. Chesky added, “Tests are going really, really well."