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Having house guests—out of town friends, in-laws—can be trying, but having guests you’ve never even met before stay in your home can raise a whole new set of issues. And, that’s just what to expect when you list your home on Airbnb. Yes, guests must follow a certain set of rules, but hosts must prepare themselves as well. Here’s how to survive opening your home to vacationing strangers. [New York Times]

Everyone loves the relaxing sound of the ocean, but did you know the Caribbean Sea offers more notes than the sounds of crashing waves? Though no humans can hear the sea’s octave, the Caribbean basin acts as a whistle—reacting as waves moving from east to west crash into it—and sends out an A-flat note so loud it can be heard from space. [Mother Nature Network]

There are 21 million miles of roads around the world, some ready to send you on a cross-country road trip—but have you ever wondered what coming to the end of a road looks like? Well, it’s quite eerie. [Express]

There are a lot of attractions around this world. Some full of history, some full of amusement, but others are just downright strange. Here, take a look at 10 of Europe strangest spots. [The Guardian]

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