By Amy Farley
March 19, 2015
Air France Safety Video

Now that cheeky airline safety videos have officially become a thing, carriers around the world are looking deep within to determine what image to present for those crucial few minutes before take-off. Air New Zealand landed on the Hobbit several years ago and stuck with it—that is, until the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models arrived. Delta turned to everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial (ALF, not E.T.) for an ‘80s-themed video that positioned the airline as fun and carefree. Virgin America got a nun to dance. Icelandair gave us stunning natural landscapes, naturally.

So what would Air France, which has been busy debuting chic new airline cabins, go with?

Every single gamine stereotype it could summon: flirty girls in full-waisted skirts, striped sailor shirts, and red lips. They wordlessly pout, catwalk, and mug their way through the safety instructions—all on Philippe Starck-designed Louis Ghost Chairs, of course. The only things lacking are bicycles and baguettes.

Empowering it is not. But adorable? Bien sûr!

Amy Farley is the News Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @afarles.