By Amy Farley
January 28, 2015
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Hand Holding a Football
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Call me cynical, misanthropic, or even downright un-American, but I just can’t stomach Super Bowl Sunday (except for halftime when it features Beyonce killing it at the Superdome). The only benefit, as far as I can tell, is that some majorly touristy sites and places suddenly become peaceful and manageable right around kick-off time on the big day. So with that in mind, I humbly propose a handful of Super Bowl alternatives for heretics like me.

1 Hit the slopes. Not only are popular ski mountains less crowded (and the lines less excruciating), but the prices for lift tickets also often drop exponentially on Super Bowl Sunday. Check Liftopia for huge savings on one-day tickets—as much as 60 percent off—at mountains across North America.

2 Snag a hard-to-get table at a top restaurant. With kick-off set for 6:30 ET, you can bank on a lot of quiet dining rooms at what would be peak time. Opentable reports that restaurants are generally half as busy on game day than they are the preceeding Sunday. (In New York and Boston, they see about 30 to 40 percent less traffic.) Look on Opentable to see what’s available around you.

3 Hop on a plane. A recent search on Adioso showed that round-trip tickets for a four-day jaunt to Miami from New York City were a full $119 below average if you departed on Sunday, February 1. Tickets to other warm-weather destinations start rising the week after Super Bowl Sunday. That could be, in part, because Spring Break season starts heating up around then as well. Either way, it’s your chance to get out of dodge when the going’s good. You can look on Expedia for other last-minute travel deals starting on game day.

4 Go see a show. Want to get into that hot Broadway show? According to the last-minute discount ticket app TodayTix, matinee performances on Superbowl day are typically lighter than most weeks. So it will be easier to get tickets on Sunday—and better seats, to boot.

5 Watch an Ab Fab marathon. Ok. Ok. Not exactly travel-related. But my favorite Super Bowl Sunday was spent doing just this. Both Netflix and Amazon can hook you up.

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