By Kate Donnelly / FWx
August 05, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of CAP Beauty; The Organic Pharmacy; Courtesy of OLLY

When you live to travel, time-zone changes can wreak havoc on your internal clock. Fight jet lag with these natural solutions so you don't miss a moment.

The Captivator

Perfect for pre-to-post-flight, this rewarding energy mist, the Captivator, is a collaboration between New York City’s CAP Beauty and Katie Hess of Lotus Wei. An intoxicating mix of sandalwood, neroli and clary sage, as well as florals like lotus and gardenia, converges to keep your in-flight senses invigorated and, as its title suggests, captivated! $40

Urban Moonshine

Keep sugar cravings aside and your digestive track soothed with Vermont’s Urban Moonshine Bitters (both vegan and gluten-free). Made with organic dandelion, chamomile, burdock, yellow dock and ginger, the appetite is balanced, motion sickness is reduced and pesky bloating stays at a minimum. We like the soothing chamomile for travel. Travel size is $7.99; also available in original, citrus and maple.


This homeopathic oral spray by Sprayology helps ward off dehydration, disorientation and insomnia. Indian berry and vegetable charcoal reduce drowsiness, while apis mei works to keep you hydrated and St. Mary’s thistle prevents vertigo. Directions: administer two sprays before your departure. $29

OLLY Restful Sleep

The great packaging aside, OLLY’s Restful Sleep are tasty, chemical-free gummies with a blend of melatonin to boost your body’s natural sleep hormone, the amino acid L-Theanine (hello, calmness), and botanicals like lemon balm and chamomile. Dump the Ambien and embrace the gummy! $13.99

Jet Lag Kit

New York City’s Stanley’s Pharmacy kit includes a mixed range of jet lag solutions. For the morning, start with vitamin D, an invigorating blend of nilgri and assam black teas, and Urban Moonshine’s Soothing Throat Spray with essential oils of rosemary and sage. Melatonin will help aid sleep, while essential oils of lavender and chamomile soothe. An antioxidant, immune-boosting tea helps usher you into slumber. $66

Altitude Oil

Your new travel companion is from acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel. Her invigorating Altitude Oil keeps stale odors at bay and, with a blend of essential oils (like peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle), grounds, balances and protects the immune system in a pressurized air cabin. This anti-microbial blend also helps keep sinus congestion and allergies from sprouting up. Dab a bit under each nostril and breathe deeply. $44

Juice Generation

En route to the airport, frequent travelers should grab some of Juice Generation’s new Aloe Verde — a cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurized juice made of pineapple and wheatgrass, which provide energy while ingredients like coconut and aloe work to hydrate. The best part? They ship across the continental USA. $9.95 per bottle or $58 per 6-pack

H. Gillerman Travel Remedy

For a relaxing in-flight experience, roll a small amount of H. Gillerman’s balancing Travel Remedy on your temples or behind your neck. A balanced blend of vitamin E, soothing birch and cedar oils, and listea help regulate your circadian rhythms while a refreshing lemon-balm scent keeps you grounded and awake after a long day of traveling. $48

Travel Therapy Mood Booster

Made in Chicago, Le Bella Figure’s Travel Therapy restores and relieves any fatigue. Ingredients like organic blue tansy support relaxation, and the uplifting Italian blood orange and sweet Bulgarian rose oil keep you refreshed. Roll on your pulse points, including elbows, wrists and temples, to keep those spirits sky high. $50

Jet Lag Pills

The wellness-beauty brand and cosmetic shop Organic Pharmacy’s line of homeopathic Jet Lag Pills aims to prevent sleeplessness, muscle stiffness and general body-clock disruption. A combination of anti-inflammatory arnica and cocculus combats environmental stressors and improves mental alertness. No prescription necessary! $19

David Kirsch B-12 Spray

Instead of a pill, this easy-to-carry natural spray, in a berry flavor, gives you an instant boost when you’re under the stress of a long-haul flight. Vitamin B-12 helps keep your body energized and alert, and improves your immune system. Arrive ready to adjust to the new time zone. $19.99

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