Canada's new Yukon Striker will take the title from Cedar Point's Valravn.

By Andrea Romano
August 15, 2018
Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland World Record Roller Coaster
Credit: Courtesy of Canada's Wonderland

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Better buy a ticket to Canada.

A new roller coaster is coming to Canada’s Wonderland theme park in Vaughan, Ontario. The “Yukon Striker” is set to be the fastest, longest, and tallest dive roller coaster in the world, Global News Canada reported. A “dive coaster” is made of steel, and gets its name from adding a free fall drop — typically a big one.

According to the theme park, passengers on the ride will hang over a 90-degree, 245-foot drop for about three seconds before suddenly diving, seemingly endlessly, into an underground tunnel. The ride is 245 feet tall and 3,625 feet long, with a massive 360-degree loop and speeds up to 80 mph.

The new ride will be joining a part of the park called “Frontier Canada,” with other rides like the Lumberjack, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, and White Water Canyon, according to Global News. The Yukon Striker is the 17th roller coaster to be added to the park, and the first dive coaster to be built in Canada, according to The Spec.

If you want to know what you're in for on the Yukon Striker, check out this POV video:

Fans on Twitter are already getting excited — and nervous — about the new roller coaster. Some are already favorably comparing it to Valravn, located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, the current title holder for the tallest/fastest/longest dive roller coaster in the world.

Valravn stands at a height of 223 feet, has a drop of 214 feet, is 3,415 feet long, and reaches speeds up to 75 mph. It's unlikely that anyone who has ridden it got off the ride thinking “that should have been more extreme,” but roller coaster designers will not be stopped.

Yukon Striker is scheduled to open in 2019, and season passes for Canada's Wonderland are now on sale.