Jackson Houlding and his sister Freya are either going to inspire you, or make you feel really, really bad about what you’ve been able to accomplish today.

By Stacey Leasca
August 04, 2020
Credit: Francesco Vaninetti Photo/Getty Images

In July, the Houlding children became world record holders after summiting the Piz Badile mountain, a 10,000-foot mountain that sits on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Oh, and on an important note, Freya is just seven years old and her little brother Jackson is just three. Yes — three years old.

The adventurous duo was led by their father Leo and mother Jess up the mountain. The entire family, Sky News reported, took their time making their way up the mountain, spending one night in an alpine hut and sleeping two nights in bivouacs shelters.

According to Sky News, after making his way to the top Jackson became the youngest person to reach the top after he was assisted by his mother, while Freya became the youngest person to climb the mountain unaided.

"My daughter climbed it all by herself, all the way, including all the hiking and everything - it was very impressive,” Leo Houlding told Sky News. “She only just turned seven last week.”

According to Leo, his wife carried Jackson on her back for most of the journey while he carried all the camping equipment and the family’s food.

"We've done quite a bit of stuff in the UK and Europe in previous years, but every summer the kids are bigger and more capable than the past year,” he added.

At the end of the trip, Leo shared that the children did get a special surprise: sweets.

"It was really good, I enjoyed the bit I climbed on my own,” little Jackson explained of his journey. "I found it really fun and really scary. I'm very proud," his sister added.

But, they aren’t stopping here. The family is off for a multi-day trek across Montenegro. Meanwhile, I made quarantine banana bread. So, about the same, right?