Pioneers in the old days definitely did not travel in the lap of luxury in their covered wagons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

If you’re one of those people who loves to be in nature but also loves having modern amenities like a soft bed and electricity, perhaps ‘glamping’ (otherwise known as glamorous camping) is the best activity for you.

And these covered wagons decked out with king size accommodations featuring air conditioning, heat, and even a refrigerator and microwave look like an incredible way to live out your wild west fantasies.

Covered Wagon Glamping at Yosemite Pines Resort
Credit: Courtesy of Yosemite Pines Resort

Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging are offering these unique Conestoga covered wagons for people to stay in.

Large wagons can sleep up to six people, while the smaller ones can accommodate up to four. All wagons include a fire pit and picnic table for cooking and communing with your fellow glampers.

The only amenity not included inside the wagons are showers and toilets, but they're located very close by in a separate facility.

These wagons typically cost $179 to book, but now until March 31, 2019, Yosemite Pines is offering a two night special for the total cost of $239 (regular $356) by making reservations on the phone (209-962-7690) and using the code "TWONIGHTS." Guests can also take advantage of a special "buy 2 get 1" deal to stay for free a third night by calling and using the code "YPFALL."

For more information on booking a covered wagon, visit the Yosemite Pines website.